Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Dark Dreams" by Michael Genelin Out Now In Paperback

Michael Genelin's Dark Dreams is out now in paperback, and Big Sleep has it in stock.

USA Today said:
“Readers hungry for a fresh crime setting will be enormously satisfied with Michael Genelin’s Jana Matinova novels based in Bratislava, Slovakia, a place relatively unknown to Westerners. Matinova goes head-to-head with a beloved childhood friend whose budding political career is in crash mode because of an affair. The portrayal of life in post-Communist Slovakia is riveting.”

Soho Press' Synopsis:
Prudent Jana and impetuous Sofia were best friends when they were schoolmates. One day Sofia approached a man in a car when she shouldn't have and ended up being raped by a nefarious Communist Party bigwig. Jana pursued the culprit's car, identified him, and vowed someday to bring him to justice.

Now Jana is a Commander in the Slovak police force and Sofia, having made a name as a reformer, is a member of parliament. Jana has fallen in love with an upright government prosecutor and Sofia is carrying on a notorious affair with a suave, married fellow MP.

One day Jana finds an enormous diamond dangling from a string fixed to the ceiling of the living room of her house. Was it put there as a present? Or, more likely, to entrap her? Where did this magnificent jewel come from? And why was it left for her to find? The answer leads Jana across Europe to unravel a criminal conspiracy involving multiple murders which has entangled her hapless, impulsive friend, Sofia, in its web, and ultimately to the criminal mastermind, the onetime Communist Party boss.
You can read the first chapter of Dark Dreams by clicking here.

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